Plastics and your baby part 1: The best natural, non-toxic food and drink solutions

plastics and your baby part 1

When it comes to you and your baby, plastics are everywhere and can be tough to avoid.

Why would we want to avoid them? Certain plastics leach into the food and water they contain. BPA and phthalates are both potent hormone disruptors that have been linked to brain and behavior changes, cancer, and reproductive system damages.

There have recently been some reports stating “BPA-free” plastic may contain even more harmful chemicals than BPA, such as BPS (bisphenol-S). (See the article from Time magazine here and the Washington Post article here.) In our world today, it would be nearly impossible to avoid all plastics.

Sometimes it’s tough to have it all, and we just do the best we can. In this article we’re going to focus on what we can use for food and drink.

Tips for using plastic:

  • Never microwave plastic. Ever.
  • Use plastics for foods/liquids that have already been cooled down enough for your baby to eat/drink.
  • Never reuse plastics intended for a single use (labeled as #1 plastic).
  • Wash plastics thoroughly by hand with warm soapy water. (This will reduce wear and tear caused by the dishwasher.)
  • Do not store anything in plastic.

Our top picks for non-toxic, affordable bottles, tableware and food storage:

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