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Pregnancy Safe Body Care

From skin care to hair, what you choose matters.
We've got you covered.

Even before your baby's born, she can be exposed to gross things such as carcinogens and hormone disruptors.

While it's impossible to avoid everything, you can reduce the amount of exposure by choosing more natural body products to use during and after pregnancy.

Read below or make it easy on your pregnant self: take the free 7-Day Green Yourself Challenge.

Does your deodorant contain aluminum, triclosan and parabens? There's a better solution to help keep you less toxic and less stinky.

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Does it seem like you should be lathering yourself up in oxybenzone during pregnancy? (hint: nope.) You need a natural mineral sunscreen that's safer for you and baby.

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As your hair changes during pregnancy, so might your routine. From dyes to dandruff – here's what you need to know.

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Artificial colors, triclosan, fragrance, phthalates... all so uneccessary to keep you clean. Yet companies are still putting this crap in our soap. Just say no.

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woman doing laundry

It’s time to redefine the “fresh and clean” smell. You need a non-toxic, affordable laundry detergent that works.

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