Reusable baby bottle labels for daycare

labels2Labeling baby bottles is imperative if you’ll be freezing them or using them for daycare, and reusing labels is the green way to go. Our favorite brand that is the least expensive and lasts through a few years of sterilizing, refrigerating, freezing and traveling is the Jokari Label Once.

Why we love:

  • These labels are perfect for glass bottles (see our favorite glass baby bottles here)
  • They are easy write-on, reusable labels and come with a marker and eraser.
  • They’re not marketed for baby bottles, therefore they do not have the typical “baby markup” price tag. One package for under $10 will last several years, even the included marker.
  • Multiple sizes are included.
  • They are also ideal for our favorite food containers.
  • Tip: writing on and erasing the labels at room temperature will work best.

The only thing missing is the cuteness factor: they are just simple and plain in white. But, the price is right at under $10. Enjoy these Jokari Label Once reusable labels for all of your labeling needs.

Have any other labeling suggestions? Let us know in the comments below…

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